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parking sessions

the only "set it and forget it" parking

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As your parking broker, you tell us about your trip and we get you what you need from ALL the options.  Whether you want street parking, underground parking, or FREE parking, Zipstall gives you everything all in one powerful tool. 

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Session Start/Stop is a GAME CHANGER. We don't make you guess how long you will be parked, we let you pay only for the time you use and we protect you with our NO PARKING TICKET GUARANTEE. We are striving to offer the ultimate parking experience.


You are going to LOVE this feature that automatically ends your session for you when you get back in your car.  Never worry about parking tickets again!

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This is one of the ways that letting Zipstall hook you up with parking saves you money. When you let us help plan your trip we will show you any available discounts at your destination.  Parking just got simpler and cheaper. You’re welcome!

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Sites with Zipstall Pay want to provide you with a better parking experience where you no longer have the guess how long you are going to be parked.  They also unlock access to discounts.

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