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parking sessions


Zipstall is on a mission to bring communities together.

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It all starts with having all the options in one place.  Whether you want street parking, underground parking, or FREE parking, Zipstall gives you everything all in one powerful tool. 

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With all the options in one place, we give you the ULTIMATE parking search tool.  We help you find the parking you want based on your priorities of Closer vs. Cheaper, Heated, Secure, Comfort Score, Lighting Score, and many more attributes.

We also track availability to help you get to the best available stall (no good to you if you can't park in it!).


You are going to love this feature that automatically ends your session for you when you get back in your car.  Never worry about parking tickets again!

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Sites with Zipstall Pay want to provide you with a better parking experience where you no longer have the guess how long you are going to be parked.  They also unlock access to discounts.

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We are creating partnerships between the businesses you love and area parking options.  Parking just got simpler and cheaper. You’re welcome!

We have a totally different philosophy than other parking apps out there and have reimagined the parking experience.

Below are some of our magic tricks that will change how you think about parking forever.

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