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find the best parking

On some blocks there is an OVER $20.00 DIFFERENCE between parking options
same search, different results
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Parking apps shouldn't choose what they show you and what they hide

no more hiding!

Zipstall gives you ALL the parking options in the market, unlike other parking apps who hide all the lots where they can’t accept payments.

We put our customers first and always want to help you find the best parking in Downtown Edmonton.

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Zipstall - Lot Comparison Map from app 230626.jpg


Did you know that parking is not all priced the same and there can be an over $20.00 difference on the same block?

It is time to arm yourself with Zipstall.  We save you money by showing you ALL the options and helping you select the best available stall.

slider & powerful filters

Zipstall knows that depending on your trip, you may need something different from your parking.


If it is cold or you are running a little behind, then you may need CLOSER parking.  If you have time and want to save money, then you may prefer CHEAPER parking. Either way, Zisptall ranks the options based on what you need and even filters for HEATED, SECURE, COVERED, COMFORT SCORES AND LIGHTING SCORES, so you know what you are getting.

Zipstall - Filter Examples 230628.jpg
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