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  • What is the Zip Pick and how does it work?
    The Zip Pick is our revolutionary method of marking your life easier. Instead of asking you to spend your time navigating around a map and exploring different parking lots, we zip right to recommending a place to park. You tell us where you want to go, when, and for how long and we utilize a multi-factor algorithm that compares all of the lots in the area of your destination on the basis of proximity, price, availability, etc. in order to ensure you are getting the best stall, fast.
  • When I view the map, why are some of the lots different colors?
    If you don’t want to go straight to the Zip Pick, we give you the option to view all options on the map as well, but to make this easier we show you the Zip Pick (pink) as well as the next six highest ranking options based on our Zip Pick algorithm (purple) in distinct colors from the rest of the options in the market (grey) and the ones that are not an option (light grey with "X"). Another way in which we are trying to make parking less painful and your life easier.
  • Why does the Zip Pick sometimes change when I change start time and/or duration?
    This is because we take into account the rates charged for the exact period of time. As various lots have different rates for different times (hourly rates, evening rates, rate change times, daily maximums, etc.) we wanted to do all of this math for you so you don’t have to. This may mean that the Zip Pick will be different at different times of the day and for different lengths of stay. This math is a little complex for all these lots, but don’t worry, we got your back.
  • Why do you need to know if I found parking or not?
    This is important for a couple of reasons: 1) We want to make sure you are happy/taken care of and by letting us know how your parking search went we can continually improve to serve you better; 2) If you can tell us what the availability of parking is like, it helps us to help other parkers find the parking they need; and 3) If something is not accurate in our system we want to know about it, so your feedback is super important to us.
  • Where can I pay for parking through this sweet app?
    We are continuing to grow our network of parking locations where you can pay through Zipstall. Lots where you can pay through Zipstall are indicated with the Zipstall Pay symbol on the lot profiles (when you search). We will continue to work to make your parking experiences better one new partner, one new feature and one new experience at a time.
  • What are Local Dollars?
    Local Dollars are amounts that you can spend at our partner local businesses. Our partners are free to set which products/services they are including in the program as well as the number of Local Dollars that can be redeemed for any of these amazing products/services. These items and amounts may change so please always refer to the Local List to ensure you have the latest info on redemptions. Local Dollars don't expire so you can save them up to get something larger or you can use them every time after you park. Local Dollars are not redeemable with any other promotions or offers. Local Dollars have no cash value and are not legal tender. Their value comes only in the form of discounts which our partners are willing to provide for them. Local Dollars are not refundable and will not be returned in the event of an exchange/return.
  • If the Zip Pick is so good, why do you even have a map like everyone else?
    Being transparent is very important to Zipstall and we want our parkers to be able to see for themselves what the options are if they have the time to do that. Even if you go to the map, we still try and make your life easier than our competition as we still highlight the Zip Pick but also the next six best options so even the sport of map shopping is better with Zipstall. We want you to be able to trust the Zip Pick and showing you the other options is our best idea on how to do that.
  • Can I make a future reservation through Zipstall?
    Reservations are an interesting topic of discussion. Technically unless there is a gate arm to control entry or a person on site that can stop people from parking there, reservations are actually useless. Parking companies like to make “reservations” for you because it means that you pay in advance, but there is literally nothing that happens to reserve a stall except that the parking company prays that there is a stall waiting for you when you get there. For events we will likely get into reservations, however our business model is more focused on real-time availability of parking instead of selling you something that is not real. For controlled facilities where there is an attendant or a gate arm, reservations can be worthwhile and is one of our future aspirations.
  • What happens if I see an incorrect rate or other parking information that needs updating?
    We need to know, so please email us, phone us, DM us through Instagram, whatever you like. One of our most important jobs is giving you the most accurate information, so if we miss something or have something wrong please let us know so we can update our info and help others.
  • What does it mean to be a "Local Business"?
    This is not a simple question, but the heart of our program is in trying to help businesses that are for the community by the community. We look at potential partners through the lens of where the buck stops when you spend with them. If it is a single location business it is a little easier to interpret. If they have multiple locations, then we limit our partnerships to groups that were founded or have their head office within the Province. If you have any ideas on what our criteria for this should be we would love to hear them, but we want to be a vehicle for supporting the communities that we operate in.
  • Where can I use Zipstall?
    As an Edmonton-based start-up we want to improve the parking experience in our hometown as our top priority. This means you can use Zipstall in all of the major entertainment districts including Downtown, Whyte Avenue, and 124 Street. Watch our News feed or your email for more information as we continue to grow.
  • How to do learn more about what is new and happening with Zipstall?
    Simply put...get an account in the app and we will let you know what is happening. You can also sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our website pages. Between these two strategies we can keep you up to date on everything Zipstall!
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