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"The best feature in a parking app ever!” - Everyone who has used it

Zipstall Pay lets you start your session, stay as long as you want, and then pay only for the time you used.  Simple.

But what about if you forget to end your session?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! With our AutoStop feature you don’t have to remember to end your session when you are done. We do it for you automatically via the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your car.


We don’t want you to have to think about parking. We want you to go and have fun and leave the parking to us.

Zipstall - Hand with AutoStop Menu v2 w arrow 230125.png

Making parking passes better too!

AutoStop is a key part of our delivery for some of our parking passes as well. Our lot owner partners need to know when their pass holders are coming and going so they can offer you better passes that meet your needs and so they can operate their parking lots more effectively.


Depending on your pass type and the parking facility, you may have to start your sessions (see pass details) but for some lots we can start them automatically - you do nothing. 

Just set it up once and AutoStop has your back.

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