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OUR MISSION IS TO bring communities together.

Parking is the number one problem that we hear about from both businesses and customers and we are striving to change this. 

By focusing on the customer experience and amazing local businesses, Zipstall is making it easier to love coming to the hearts of our communities.

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but in the case of Zipstall, the pandemic was a mother#%&?er and the mother of this invention.


After a successful 15-year career in commercial real estate and the growth of his own investment/redevelopment company (Stature Properties), Kevin Petterson had no ambitions of becoming a tech entrepreneur. 

Stature Properties had invested heavily in parking assets in downtown Edmonton, a previously advantageous strategy, but the global spread of Covid-19 was going to see everyone essentially “kicked out” of downtown. Faced with a new reality of parking assets struggling for an indefinite period of time and a bunch of free time, Kevin looked himself in the mirror and decided to tackle the largest challenge of his career...the parking experience. This is how Zipstall was born. 

Kevin and the team are bringing their industry experience, creativity, problem-solving and customer-focused approach to solve the many pains of parking.  

Zipstall is changing how people find and interact with parking for the better.  We believe that parking should not be a deterrent for anyone thinking about going to any of the great entertainment districts in our cities.

Join us and let’s write the rest of the story of a better community experience together.

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