zipstall mission

Our mission is to improve the Downtown experience.  

Parking is the number one problem that we hear about from both businesses and customers and we are striving to change this. 

By focusing on the customer experience and amazing local businesses, Zipstall is making it easier to love coming Downtown.

we are sorry...

On behalf of the parking industry, we apologize for the pains you have had to endure in the past.  We are sorry for all of the tickets, the inability to find a spot when you need one, the lack of transparency on rates, the number of apps that you have had to install to find the best parking, and the silly idea of making you guess how long you are going to be Downtown.

None of your time should be wasted
dealing with parking.


We are passionate about supporting local businesses, especially in the challenging times we find ourselves in.  This is why we are making it easy for you to find these businesses that need your support on our Local List.  We also take it a step further by actually giving you an incentive to support them with our Local Dollars that can be redeemed at any of our great partners. 


By redeeming Local Dollars you can feel good knowing that you are investing in your community.

Painless Parking + Supporting Local

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