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A.    Zipstall Inc. (Zipstall) has developed a parking app and is capable of facilitating a parking relationship between the Partner and a parking facility in the area surrounding the business(es) (the “Validation Lot”).  The objective of this relationship is to have the Partner encourage their customers to park at the Validation Lot and in exchange for the Validation Lot providing a parking cost discount (the “Validation”) to the customers of the Partner; and
B.    Partner is interested in being paired, through Zipstall, with a Validation Lot for this objective.


1.    Zipstall shall be permitted to solicit interest from potential Validation Lots on behalf of the Partner based on the estimated customer demand. There is no obligation or commitment whatsoever on behalf of the Partner to deliver the estimated customer/client parking traffic.  
3.    In the event that Zipstall is able to generate interest from more than one potential Validation Lot, then the Partner shall select which Validation Lot is preferred, but only one Validation Lot may be selected and partnered through the Zipstall platform.
4.    Zipstall shall provide the Partner with the required material to facilitate the program at no cost to the Partner including the validation card.
5.    Partner shall display information regarding the program in locations practical to the business and unless mutually agreed to the contrary this will include but not be limited to 1) posting a linked image/badge (to be supplied by Zipstall) on the Partner’s website; 2) displaying a table tent (to be supplied by Zipstall) at the reception desk/host stand/counter/etc. 3) displaying a decal (to be supplied by Zipstall) at the entrance to the business. 
6.    Zipstall is permitted to use the Partner’s name, logo, website content, links to the Partner’s website and socials in order to promote the Partner’s business, the Validation program and Zipstall.
7.    There shall be no fee or other cost to the Partner for the facilitation of the program and the business is instead expected to promote the program to their customers/clients through their standard channels (web, social, in-store, etc.).
9.    In the event that the Partner wishes to change from one Validation Lot to another, this request shall be made to Zipstall and shall be subject to Zipstall approval, acting reasonably.
10.    This agreement shall remain valid for six (6) months and shall automatically renew for six (6) month periods thereafter and may be terminated by either party on one (1) month’s notice to the other party.
11.    Partner agrees not to enter into any other similar parking validation agreements during the currency of this Agreement with Zipstall.
12.    In the event that Zipstall is not able to find a Validation Lot acceptable to the Partner, then this agreement will be terminated and be of no further force and effect.

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