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the massage shop



A team of experienced professionals offer customer-specific therapies at The Massage Shop in the Empire Building located at 10080 Jasper Avenue.

Customers seeking massage are asked specific questions to confirm the services they require or prefer. Treatments outside of massage such as cupping and hot stone therapy are available as well, but upselling isn’t part of her business model, says owner, Bobbi Haugen. 

The only pressure at this massage clinic is the type requested by the client: light or medium for relaxation, or deep tissue massage geared towards therapeutic and sports-related issues.

Bobbi started her Registered Massage Therapy career in 2005 with a focus on therapy for high performance athletes, specifically in the field of football. 

“Working in this area makes sense to me. I understand the sports aspect; my heart is in it and I love the energy that come with it.”

Along with standard massage, Ms. Haugen’s team of therapists specialize in lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy and trigger point therapy as well as myofascial, prenatal, and TMJ massage.

Bobbi hires therapists not only for their professional qualifications but for their personality fit, as well. “Work should be an enjoyable aspect of one’s life,” she says. “We all work well together and really enjoy what we do.” 

Stepping inside The Massage Shop feels like walking into someone’s home, and that’s deliberate. “The clinic is approachable and comfortable,” Ms. Haugen states. “It’s a true reflection of who we are.” 

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