Shoe Shine Shack



Shane Breau couldn’t find a business that would clean his sneakers, so he created the Shoe Shine Shack, a business which does that, and more.  


Breau is formerly a Civil Engineer and though both jobs are inherently different, they share some striking similarities: while his work now takes place inside the beautifully restored Mercer Building instead of on roads and constructions sites, the quality checks and customer communication skills he learned are very much a part of his daily operations, now.


“I like the action,” Shane says of his job. “It’s creative and rewarding. I absolutely love coming to work every day.”


The action pertains to everything from ripping out old laces and putting in a fresh set to breathing new life back into shoes that may have been destined for the dump.


One particular success story involves an expensive pair of Gucci sneakers whose time in the spotlight had long faded.


“I repaired a hole in the side, repainted them, took the creases out, put in new laces,” he says with pride, adding that the post on Instagram got a lot of traction— not sure if the pun was intended, but if your treads lack traction, he can fix that, too.


The Shoe Shine Shack’s services include handbag, hat and shoe repair along with sneaker painting, cleaning, re-heeling, and yes, shoe shining. If your military boots need to be brought to attention, Shane and his crew are happy to be of service.


Community and goodwill are important to Shane Breau. If you have gently used footwear that you no longer use, bring them to his shop. He and his team will clean and donate them to Edmonton’s Hope Mission Centre.

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