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Wondering Who is Behind the Website, Emails, and App?

Kevin Petterson – Founder/CEO

Kevin grew up in Edmonton/Spruce Grove and studied business at MacEwan and the University of Alberta. He fell in love with basketball and wound up winning a National Championship, becoming captain of the Golden Bears. In his last year, he received numerous awards while acting as President of all the athletes at UofA. After graduating, he started a 15-year career in commercial real estate and climbed to the level of Senior Vice President at Colliers International. During this time Kevin also founded his own real estate development company, Stature Properties. In 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, Stature's strategy of investing in parking assets proved to be both unfortunate (Covid eliminated parking demand) and educational (gained a solid understanding of the parking market/operations). He decided to pivot and go BIG by solving parking for everyone, and voila, Zipstall was born. Kevin is now working day and night to build his vision for the future of parking while he and his wife raise their three young children.

Harshpreet (Harsh) Kour – Director of Operations & Communications

Harsh was born in India and completed her BCom (H) at Mody University in India. She has always been passionate about sports, which led her to play Nationals basketball during her university days. She was also appointed as the Joint-Secretary for the local Sports Society and organized multiple university tournaments. After graduation, she worked in management and teaching positions within the non-profit and immigration sectors for over 2 years before moving to Ottawa in 2019. She studied International Business Management at Algonquin College and later founded her own company for importing clothing from India. In 2020, she moved to Edmonton and studied at MacEwan for Project Management and Professional Communications while working for a major fitness chain. Now, Harsh handles all the customer-facing operations and communications at Zipstal. Her favorite part of the job is the uniqueness of each day and being able to wear different hats daily.

Michael Hodgins – Community Partnership Associate

Michael was born and raised in Edmonton and studied at MacEwan before transferring to the UofA where he is still a BCOM student majoring in Accounting. Being interested in entrepreneurship since the age of 17, Michael started a gutter maintenance company and a painting company to pay his way through school and learn through real-life experiences. Michael builds the Local Dollar and Validation partnerships with the businesses in the communities that Zipstall operates in, plans and installs parking lot signage, as well as miscellaneous tasks such as rolling blading up and down downtown streets and taking pictures of parking zones. His favorite part of the job is the opportunity to meet and get to know many of Edmonton’s entrepreneurs.

This is the Edmonton part of the Zipstall team and the ones you will see around town. We also have a solid software development team on the other side of the world who make the real magic of Zipstall happen.

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