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Use Zipstall to Save Serious $$$

Did you know Zipstall is the only parking app that saves you money in 7 different ways?

Here's how:

1. Zipstall is the Ultimate Parking Search Tool

Giving you all the parking options in one place helps you save by getting you to the cheapest stall that meets your criteria (which is available). Even if your priority is Closer, we still factor in the cost to get you to the best stall for you. We’ll even direct you to free zones if they’re available...which saves you money!

2. You Get Paid to Park!

Just for telling us parking availability information when you park (we use it to help other parkers), we award you get to spin the wheel and win Local Dollars. You save money by redeeming your Local Dollars with one of our partners from the Local List. If you have any questions about Local Dollars, please contact!

3. Validations by Zipstall

Zipstall’s Validation program hooks you up with parking discounts when you visit the businesses you love. The Validations are even built into our search tool! Test it out by searching for “Home and Away YEG” in Zipstall and clicking “Get the Zip Pick” to see what happens. See all of our validation partners here.

4. Parking Pass Search Service

Our Parking Pass Search Service is a one-of-a-kind service in the industry that is focused on helping you find the parking passes you need. We not only show you the market standard full monthly passes, but we also show you our innovative Pass Busters designed to match your flex work schedule. Pass Busters lets you save like a monthly pass but only pay for the days you actually need.

Because we know you love to save money, as a part of our Parking Pass Search Service, we also negotiate with area parking options to get you what we call "off-market" pricing for your parking pass. We’ve saved some people over $100 per month on parking!

We would love to help you and your friends/colleagues find the best parking pass available through the Parking Pass Search Service today!

5. Our timer counts up!

This may seem like a trivial feature, but its effects are profound. Guessing how long you will be parked is a losing proposition. You will either guess longer and overpay to ensure you don’t get a ticket, or you will guess shorter and run the risk (not to mention the anxiety) of receiving an expensive parking ticket. By counting up instead of down, Zipstall has eliminated all of the parking tickets caused by expired sessions and ensures you only ever pay for what you use...which saves you money.

6. AutoStop

Have you ever used another parking app (such as EPark) with a timer that counts up like Zipstall’s and then realized you forgot to stop your session and paid for an extra hour of parking that you didn’t use? We’ve heard this story many times, so we went to the lab and developed a magical feature we call AutoStop. With AutoStop, when your phone's Bluetooth connects to your vehicle, we will automatically stop your parking session without you needing to even look at your phone, ensuring you don't overpay for your parking. Just like magic.

7. Notifications

We can’t move your car for you, so we do our best to communicate important information to you, like the fact that you’ve been parked in a city zone for 1.5 hours, and in 30 minutes, you will reach your maximum allowed parking duration. If you're parked near Roger's Place, we’ll even send notifications that event pricing will begin soon, letting you know that you should move your vehicle or be prepared to pay the inflated parking rate during the event.

ZIPSTALL IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER PARKING APPS. WE CARE ABOUT YOU...THE PARKER! Make sure you take advantage of all the ways we can help you save money, and don’t forget to tell your friends to download it today! You might save them hundreds of dollars this year.

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