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Start Your Practice at Shala For A Breath of Fresh Air

There’s more to yoga than fitness.

Shala is a word with a rich history in ancient languages. In Sanskrit, a shala means a temple or a home which is exactly how Linda and Kellie make their space on 105th street and 100th avenue feel – warm and welcoming. The two business partners, who have known each other for decades, are passionate about yoga not just for fitness but for the transcending benefits that infiltrate all areas of life. Yoga is not a thing that you do; it is a way of life and, with enough practice, can lead you to improve your overall health and well-being while enhancing your ability to deal with stress and anxiety. You may adapt your diet; your sleep may improve, you may start to cherish yourself and those around you more, and you may generally see the world differently. These life impacts are what Linda and Kellie love most about yoga and why they are so passionate about sharing the practice with their students.

Downtown is the place to be

Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre opened in 2016 on the south side of Edmonton. It moved to the downtown location in 2018 to join the amazing diversity of people that downtown has to offer. “Downtown is just real; it’s gritty and beautiful,” according to Linda. “It is a welcoming place in our city where many people new to Edmonton, along with Edmontonians of all different backgrounds, spend time.” They also mentioned that with such diversity, a great deal of struggle is being experienced in our downtown, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. With this in mind, Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre is proud to provide affordable prices and even a drop-in by donation program to reduce the barriers for everyone to experience the potentially life-changing benefits that a yoga practice can provide. To these noble women, the practice comes before the business.

What can a new person expect?

Shala is unique in its ability to provide small group environments that don’t conform to a mainstream-style yoga class. The primary method of yoga being taught there is called the Mysore style, which does not look like a class being led by an instructor with everyone moving in unison. Instead, Mysore is student-centric, where a teacher will float amongst the room and provide one-to-one instruction and support as needed, allowing each student to get as much or as little guidance as they require. So, what are you waiting for? This is a no-stress, welcoming environment that has something for everyone. Give it a try this week for $5 off when you redeem your Local Dollars. While you’re in the area, visit our partners just up the road at Copper Branch for $3 off lunch!

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