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Parking on 104 Street? Read This First

We are excited to be live with Zipstall Pay at the Revillon Parkade right in the middle of the 104 Street promenade...home to many of downtown’s finest local businesses. Whether you are going for a meeting at DOSC, grabbing lunch at Bite of Brazil, or have an appointment with our friends at the Eyecare Group, Revillon is a convenient and secure parking option close by. What’s more, it’s just a 3-minute walk from Roger’s place and the Ice District!

Now you can seamlessly pay for parking without needing to guess how long you’ll be parked plus you can win Local Dollars on your sessions. Local Dollars can be redeemed at EIGHT local partners within just 2 blocks including DOSC, A Bite of Brazil, House of Curves Canada, Shoe Shine Shack, Dorinku Osaka and more. When you return to your car, just drive away and our AutoStop feature will end your parking session for you. No more paying for time you didn’t need.

Pass Busters

If you work nearby the Revillon Parkade (104 Street and 103 Ave) but only come downtown a few times per week, we have a parking solution perfect for you. With Pass Busters, you get the savings of a monthly pass while only paying for the days that you need it. This is just another way that we are giving the Power to the Parkers!


Zipstall is rejuvenating downtown YEG by making parking easy. We believe that every business should have a parking partner where visitors to that business can receive discounts on parking. Watch out for announcements of Validations with the Revillon Parkade coming soon.

So what are you waiting for? The wonderful businesses that give downtown its character are ready to serve you and now they’re easier than ever to get to. Give it a try and Get Paid to Park!

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