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Parking in Downtown Edmonton? You Need This App

Did you know that before Zipstall, you needed seven different parking apps to find all the parking options in downtown Edmonton? Our mission is to Bring Communities Together, and as we continue to grow our portfolio of paid options for parking downtown, we keep marching towards our mission.

We are excited to announce that you will find our signage and Zipstall Pay live at a whole bunch of new parking options throughout downtown Edmonton, thanks to our partnership with Impark. We will keep working to ensure you can upgrade your parking experience (Zipstall style) across more and more lots.

Introducing the new Impark Edmonton lots accepting Zipstall Pay:

Impark #256 – South of First Edmonton Place, 10049 107 Street

Parking near 7th Street Plaza, Corona LRT Station, Peace Hills Insurance Building

Impark #32 – East of First Edmonton Place, 10605 Jasper Avenue

Parking near Energy Square, Rocky Mountain Ice House, Ayco Cafe

Impark #350, 10549 102 Street

Parking near Rogers Place, Epcor Tower, MacEwan University

Impark #475, 10550 102 Street

Parking near Rogers Place, Epcor Tower, MacEwan University

Impark #154 – South of Fountain Tire, 10164 105 Street

Parking near Aveda Avenue Salons, Ahava Day Spa, Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel

Impark #284, 10021 102 Street

Parking near Starlite room, Enterprise Square, Commerce Place

Impark #89, Revillon Parkade, 10238 104 Street

Parking near DOSC, Japanese Village, Bottega

Impark #393, 10250 112 Street

Parking near Civida, Civic Service Union, Hair Garage

Impark #394, 11104 Jasper Avenue

Parking near Cactus Club Cafe, Structube, O2's

Impark #238, 10120 112 Street

Parking near Local, Who Cares?, Core Dental

With Zipstall Pay:

1. You can start a parking session without needing to guess how long you will be parked

2. AutoStop will automatically stop your session and pay for your parking when you get back in your car

3. Collect Validations (parking discounts) and earn Local Dollars (discounts at businesses) from one of our many partners

Do you like what Zipstall is doing for our downtown community? Please leave us a 5-star review (Google Reviews) to join the mission of making downtown Edmonton more accessible than ever.

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