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Zipstall Payments are Live!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Thanks to our first major parking partnership with Precise Parklink West, Zipstall is now able to help you pay for your parking session at a number of sites throughout downtown Edmonton. Look for our signs out there and Get paid to park.

Session Start/Stop

Let's face it, you don't always know how long you are going to be parked. Maybe your lawyer meeting ran long, maybe your dentist is running behind or maybe you treated yourself to dessert at lunch (livin' large!) but regardless of the reason, Zipstall has you covered. We let you start your sessions and end them when you are done parking, so you no longer have to worry about an expiring parking session adding stress to your life or chasing you out of downtown.

View Past Sessions

In our Menu we also let you view a summary of all of your past parking sessions so you have a record of where you parked, for how long and what the session cost was.

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