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Hate finding parking at UofA or Whyte Ave? There's a new app for that.

Such a great part of our City!

When you think of Whyte Ave, you might envision sunny walks on the promenade, stopping for ice cream, or checking out the coolest new clothes.

You might think of the nightlife, the live music, and the dancing.

Or you might feel overwhelmed with anxiety in your chest as you begin to plan how you’ll get there. Where will I park? How much will it cost? Will I wind up circling the block three times again, trying to find a parking spot?

Whyte Ave is a special place in our city and deserves better. YOU deserve better!

We’ve spent countless hours working on expanding our database and our search tools to include every single Whyte Ave and University area parking zone so that all you need to do is click “Get the Zip Pick” and decide what flavor of ice cream you’ll get this time.

If we’re being honest, parking at the University of Alberta is probably even more challenging than near Whyte Ave. Some lots are for permit holders only, some have daily cap limits, and some don’t (meaning you could pay $40+ for a day!) There certainly aren’t any free parking zones. Some prime parking lots are available but are tucked away between buildings, out of sight.

Zipstall is here to help with the world's most powerful parking search tool that helps you find exactly the parking you need when you need it.

Hybrid Parking Passes at the University of Alberta

Edmontonians that are downtown regularly have been enjoying the benefits of our unique Pass Busters for months now. We are proud to officially announce that the Campus Tower Parkade, located on 112 Street and 87 Ave, is offering 2, 3, and 4 day/week passes for those of you who come to campus frequently, but not every day. If you’re a student in the business, law, arts, or medical faculties, or if you’re a hybrid or part-time worker in the area, this pass is the most affordable option for you (savings of a monthly pass but only on the days you need). Plus, you get all the other great perks of using Zipstall for your Getting paid to park! If you know anyone who works or goes to school at the university, let them know about this great offer, and you might save them hundreds of dollars this year!

What about Validations and Local Dollars?

We just couldn’t keep this news a secret from you, so we had to tell you right away that we can now help you find parking in Old Strathcona. We are just getting started on lining up partners for programs (Local Dollars or Validations) so hang tight as we expect to have some announcements coming your way soon. Don’t worry; the Local Dollars you earn here can still be used downtown, just on the other side of the river.

Do you know someone who runs a business in Old Strathcona? We would love to connect with them about taking away the pains of parking and promoting their business to parkers in the area. We are going to keep Bringing Communities Together!

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