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Do You Catch My Vibe?

Founded right here in Edmonton, Vibe Parking’s mission is to provide a truly customer-focused parking experience. Vibe will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations by acting with integrity, providing prompt service whenever you call, and delivering innovative ways to make your parking experience better. Can you see why the partnership between Vibe and Zipstall makes sense?

Vibe’s very first lot is right in our backyard at the Knoll Building (10217 106 St), home to Ivory Noir Salon, New Balance Chiropractic, and Stylus Fine Pens. Vibe Parking is making your life easier by allowing you to process payments with Zipstall Pay! Once you’ve parked, you can spend your brand new Local Dollars at several of our partner businesses just a short walk away such as DOSC, Tony the Tailor, The Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar, and more.

Watch for more parking Downtown coming online soon with Vibe Parking and Zipstall.

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