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Did You Know This About StrEATS Oliver Kitchen?

This unique fast-casual restaurant opened its first store in Calgary in 2017. After receiving hugely positive feedback from the community for their unique combinations of flavours inspired by the streets of the world, StrEATS has expanded to 16 locations across Canada including one restaurant in our very own downtown YEG.

You’re getting much more than a delicious taco or exotic soft-shell crab sandwich when you grab a bite at StrEATS, you’re helping an organization that is committed to making a difference by sticking to these three principles to live by:

1. Provide every guest with a “blow your mind” experience

2. Always ensure we do everything we can to be environmentally friendly, regardless of profits

3. Giving back however we can to the community and the less fortunate

Step 1: Blow Your Mind

Your first steps into the restaurant are filled with sensation as the colourful and eye-catching décor, aromatic smells from the kitchen, and friendly staff greet you. You won’t forget this meal because this affordable spot, right across 104th avenue from MacEwan University, offers the most amazing flavour combinations that you can’t find just anywhere. You’ll leave here looking forward to next time.

Step 2: Respect The Environment

StrEATS doesn’t just provide great food, they’ve also stocked their stores with 100% compostable forks, napkins, and take-out containers. Everything else you’ll touch is recyclable. Let's support this type of business, we need it more than ever!

Step 3: Give Back To The Community

Perhaps more momentous, the #streats4streets fundraiser is an ongoing fundraiser that is given a focus for an entire week every 4 months. By donating just $1.50 with your order, you can help the StrEATS team feed those in need, right in our own community.

Suffice to say, this isn’t your average fast-casual dining experience. StrEATS Oliver Kitchen, located at 11327 104 Ave, is dedicated to you and our community. No wonder they get along with us at Zipstall! If taking care of the environment and those in need isn’t enough, they’ve also partnered with us to give you $2.00 off any order over $10.00 just for parking! This is how you Get Paid to Park so don’t forget to redeem your Local Dollars today.

If you learned something new, please hit the like button at the bottom of this article and share it with your friends who work or go to school nearby to help us share StrEATS with our community.

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