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As you may know, Zipstall has been out supporting the Al Fresco Street Series and hooking people up with prizes. Part of the program includes a raffle for one of the larger prizes, and our most recent prize winner is… Andrea Melchionna! Congratulations on winning the picnic box full of delicious treats from our wonderful partners at A Bite of Brazil. Not only is Andrea a winner, but she is also a kind soul who has asked us to donate her prize on her behalf. We thought a fitting and deserving recipient would be the Free Store for Ukrainian Newcomers on 104th, right across the street from A Bite of Brazil. The Free Store was started by Janice Krissa-Moore and her daughter to provide some much-needed support in these heart-wrenching times for the millions of citizens of Ukraine.

The Free Store for Ukrainian Newcomers is a center that allows those fleeing the invasion to choose the items they need from clothing, toiletries, and household items. Janice and the Free Store have had lots of media coverage due to the overwhelming support from our amazing Edmonton community that they are receiving and, therefore, the significant impact they can make on thousands of people’s lives. Andrea’s generous donation brought some joy to the hard-working volunteers, many of which are newcomers themselves, as well as some of the shoppers. Thank you again, Andrea, for your generosity.

Make sure you come down to Al Fresco every summer Saturday to spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize from one of our Local Dollar partners, and if you have something that you can donate, please bring it down to the Free Store while you're there! Don't forget, Zipstall users get 50% off parking at Al Fresco; just search for "Al Fresco on 4th," and we will zip you to the Revillon Parkade, which is also on 104 St, and hook you up.

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