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City Council + Global + CBC = BIG WEEK!

Zipstall’s founder, Kevin Petterson, spoke at City Council on Monday regarding the proposed new priorities for parking in the City. His message highlighted the importance of an ecosystem-level solution to improve the customer experience, particularly in the more dense areas of the city with higher parking demand (i.e. Downtown, Whyte Avenue, U of A, and 124 Street). Most people would not guess that the City only controls 18% of the publicly available stalls in downtown, but that is the case and speaks to the need to solve the problems of parking collectively with private parking ownership.

Zipstall knows how important it is to have both public and private parking options, which is why we give our customers all the options on one platform. The City has been working on a plan to fix our parking problems and make it easier for citizens to come back to these regions for some time now, but a partnership approach is the only strategy that can meaningfully impact the current situation. Kevin’s ideas were well-received by Council and administration, with commitments to have some further discussions. Our friends at Global News quickly took the opportunity for an interview with both Councillor Anne Stevenson and Kevin Petterson to share the story with the public on how parking may be changing in the future.

The timing of the council presentation was also well timed as we also announced recently that you can now pay for your parking in all City of Edmonton zones using Zipstall. You can check out how we compare to EPark here.

That's not all...

Zipstall is also proud to have been featured by CBC in a cohort of technology platforms working to help bring more people back to the heart of our City. Make sure you check out our friends at What's the Deal?, Story City, and Workplace, who are all doing their part to make Edmonton better!

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