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Big DEAL from the Eye Care Group

We all need to take care of our eyes. People tend to take their eyes and the gift of vision for granted and that is why it is important to go see the wonderful local opticians and entrepreneurs like Kristiena and her sister Kim who are carrying on the family business that was founded 40 years ago. The sisters embody the name of the company by expressing their love for people in the way they know best – eye care. The Eye Care Group is conveniently located at 10360 Jasper Ave, at the corner of 104th street and Jasper, near so many of Zipstall’s other Local Partners like Jack’s Burger Shack, A Bite of Brazil, and Dorinku Osaka. Try on a pair of glasses next time you grab lunch at one of these great Edmonton businesses.

The Eye Care Group is a leader in fashion designer eyewear and bring in exclusive designs from around the world so you can look and feel your best. If you struggle to know which glasses and frames look best on you, you’re not alone. You can book a personal style consultation so that you can turn your glasses from a necessity to an accessory. What’s more, they have also supported our community by running a fundraising initiative for the Edmonton Girls Hockey Association. We love working with them and expect you will too!

The ladies at the Eye Care Group have partnered with Zipstall to make it so easy for you to come to visit them. Not only have they offered you a $50 discount when you redeem the Local Dollars that you can earn every day, they have also set up a validation program with Zipstall that ensures you won’t need to worry about parking near one of the busiest intersections in downtown. Because the Eye Care Group cares about you, you can now park at the Revillon parkade just up the road for 25% off. No more circling the block 3 times trying to find a parking spot!

Visiting Al Fresco this summer? Why don’t you book an eye appointment while you’re there? The Eye Care Group is focused on serving you which is why they’re open on Saturdays! Book your appointment here.

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