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Parking in Edmonton

Edmonton is not only a wonderful city filled with great people, but it is also the home of Zipstall, helping you to master parking in Edmonton.

Edmonton is a city with a very strong and resilient entrepreneurial spirit but one that also doesn’t have patience for anything that is sub-standard (like the previous Edmonton parking experience).

This is why parking in Edmonton is the perfect place for Zipstall to build your Edmonton parking platform as Edmontonians know something is good when they see it and are always striving for a better way.

Edmonton parking is divided into three unique and charming commercial districts (Downtown parking, Whyte Ave parking and 124 Street parking). Edmonton is home to a diverse and ever-expanding social scene that truly has something for everyone.

Almost all Edmonton public parking options are listed here and in the Zipstall app. Edmonton parking options cover city parking and many great private properties and parking operators.

Bonus feature: when parking in Edmonton with Zipstall, you also earn local dollars and support many great entrepreneurs and businesses nearby.

If you want to compare Edmonton parking rates, locations, features, and navigation side by side, download the Zipstall parking app today!




Edmonton and Rogers Place are known for many great events, like hockey games, concerts, and other  shows.



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