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Off-Market Passes


Are you tired of paying market rates for parking passes? 


Do you wish you had a connection in the parking market that could help you and your friends with “off-market” passes at cheaper rates? 


Well, Zipstall is that connection. 


We get you what you want and save you money as we know the parking market like no one else and can hook you up!

simple steps

Press the HOOK ME UP button below to complete our form and let us know what you need from your parking pass.

You pay us a small $5.00 search fee and someone from our team will deliver the best options.


On top of the market passes, our team sends your parking requirement to the parking lots that meet your needs and asks them to submit an Off-Market/discounted parking pass price.


If we get a sweet offer for you we will send you the details of this "Off-Market” price for parking which we guarantee meets all of your stated requirements or you get your money back.


You choose if you want to accept the sweet offer.  If you do, we hook you up with your new cheap parking pass and start saving every month!.

power to the parkers!
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