—  All parking in the market included

—  ZipPick instead of shopping

—  Prioritized Map View

—  Pass Buster

—  Free Parking

—  Recommendation tool

—  Availability Tracking

—  Receive Local Dollars

—  Sign up Reward

—  Refer a Friend Reward


—  Price comparison (head to head)

—  Confident in making best decision

—  Creates a market for users - more price competition

—  Only app that shows them Free Parking

—  Saves time (fastest/easiest process in the market)

—  Confusing/frustrating reviewing options

—  Easier review of options

—  Flexible options aligned with demand

—  Saving money

—  No risk and no cost to use

—  Lower probability of being sent to a full lot

—  Find you a better spot in real time

—  Discounts to use at local businesses

—  Support local businesses and entrepreneurs

—  Receive parking reward for signing up for an account

—  Receive a reward - free parking

—  Friends love the app also

REwards +



Zipstall hooks you up with Local Dollars to use in the area where you parked.  We are starting out by focusing around 104 St. in Downtown and when you park in Downtown you will be rewarded with YEG Downtown Dollars.


You can use these at restaurants, cafés and other quality service providers. For more info see Local Dollars


Recommend to friends Reward

Everyone you know is going to have Zipstall eventually, but if you are the one to send it to them and they sign-up, both of you will be rewarded with a One-Day of Free Parking voucher for the Zebra Parkade - 104 St & Jasper Ave. ($22.00 value) zebraparkade.com


With the Recommend to Friends Reward and our New Sign-Up Reward, sharing Zipstall turns into a win for you and a win for the person you send it to. How many free days do you think you can get?


New Sign-Up


When you first sign up with Zipstall you receive a One-Day of Free Parking voucher for the Zebra Parkade - 104 St & Jasper Ave. ($22.00 value) zebraparkade.com




Check our contest page to stay on top of any contests that we are running with our great partners.

about us
Edmonton Made

Supporting our communities is what gets us excited to get up and go to work in the morning.  There are so many wonderful businesses and entrepreneurs who make out communities what they are and we have found our own way to support them through Zipstall.  Supporting the less fortunate in these communities is another priority for Zipstall and as we grow we are excited to be able to do more for these communities.

Painless Parking

Our background is in parking and after watching and learning about parking for years, we identified an issue with the current customer experience...no one seems to be focused on the customer.

Zipstall takes care of your parking so you can focus on the things you really care about like the amazing restaurant you are going to, the show you are going to see or the friends you get to spend time with. 

Supporting Local

We are local entrepreneurs from Edmonton.  We care about the Edmonton market and are excited about the changes that have been taking place in the heart of our City over the last 5 years.  We have a world-class food scene, a state-of-the-art arena right in the heart of Downtown, and so many more people wanting to be a part of this community. 

Covid-19 has obviously made things more challenging, but we are up for the challenge and are here to help our local partners through these times and beyond.

2 DAYS/ Week
$120 / Month + GST
9 full-day uses in a month

3 DAYS/ Week
$170 / Month + GST
13 full-day uses in a month

4 DAYS/ Week
$225 / Month + GST
18 full-day uses in a month