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Zipstall is making parking in downtown Edmonton even easier!

Our software team is working day and night to give you the best parking experience you have ever seen! Have you noticed that every few weeks, Zipstall releases a new update? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your app, you’re missing out! Check out these stellar new features that will help you forget about parking so you can focus on the reason you’re coming downtown in the first place.

Filtering the pain out of parking

It’s raining out. Is there a covered parking option near where you’re heading? Is it pedway connected?

It’s getting dark. Is the lot well-lit and safe feeling?

You need an accessible parking option. Where can you find one?

You deserve to know this kind of information before you leave home and without using 7 different parking apps. Our latest way of giving the power to the parkers is our fancy new filter that will quickly and easily filter out all the parking options that just won’t cut it, and of course, give you the best option (the Zip Pick) on a silver platter. Give it a try through the purple filter button on the Search page. (Warning: You may find yourself playing with the filter out of's pretty neat)

Forget guesstimating the costs for each lot

No clue how much parking will cost for your trip downtown or how the Roger’s Place event will affect your daily parking expense? Is parking cheaper here on the weekend?

You have always been able to find the cost estimates in the search flow, but now you have a Cost Estimator tool in each lot's Lot Info page which makes it easy to figure out from wherever you are in the app (even an Active Session!) We’ll even account for event pricing and holiday pricing!

Monthly Pass Renewals

This is for you, Zoeys (aka regular parkers). As of this new app update, your monthly parking pass will auto-renew each month so you no longer have to go in to pay each's about time!

Is there a feature you would love to see? We have a lot of ideas coming, but we're always interested to hear our customers' ideas so don't be shy, reach out at to connect with us!

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