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Are you tired of paying market rates for parking passes? 


Do you wish you had a connection in the parking market that could help you and your friends with “off-market” passes at cheaper rates? 


Well, Zipstall is that connection. 


We get you what you want and save you money as we know the parking market like no one else and can hook you up!

Off-Market Passes

simple steps

Fill out the request form below for either yourself or a group of people that have similar parking requirements.


You pay Zipstall a small, refundable search fee to shop your requirements to the parking world and find the cheapest pass that meets your needs. This may take from a couple of days to a week.


We send you an amazing “Off-Market” price for parking which we guarantee meets all of your stated requirements or you get your money back.


You choose if you want to accept the sweet offer.  If you do, we hook you up with your new cheap parking pass.

power to the parkers!

fewer requirements = greater savings

needs list - start here

Customer Info (by selecting Next you agree to Terms):


program terms

  1. All searches must either be for 6 month or 12 month passes

  2. If we can’t add value for you, we will let you know and provide you a full refund for any of the following reasons:

    • Your criteria is too narrow and such an option doesn’t exist

    • We can’t save you enough money to make it worth your fee (not going to happen very often)

    • You decline the offer we send you (offer will simply be the price and a guarantee that it meets your Needs List criteria, not the specific lot)

  3. Search fees are paid upfront and are tied to the term of the passes.  6 month passes have a Search Fee of $10.00 plus GST per person.  12 month passes have a Search Fee of $15.00 plus GST per person.  We charge the Search Fee in part so we can prove to the parking owners that you are serious about getting a pass as you have actually put some money down and are not wasting their time.

  4. Each person can only participate in one Search per month.  If you don’t accept the offer that we provide, then the earliest you can request a new offer is the next month.

  5. Search fees and pass costs are paid through the Zipstall app but some locations may require you to pay a deposit, activation fee or other such amount to them directly.

  6. If you need to cancel your pass any time after you accept our offer and before it expires, you will be charged a termination fee calculated as 1.5x your pass price for a month plus GST.

  7. For group searches each person participating in the Search must submit their own Search Fee payment through the Zipstall app.

  8. Zipstall has the right to withdraw any offers extended to the customer if the customer has not accepted the offer yet.

  9. Customer shall have 24 hours to accept the offered price from time of opening the offer.

  10. Zipstall gets paid through the Search Fee as well as on a monthly basis from the savings generated.  User only pays the Search Fee and Offer prices are all-inclusive of any other costs of this program to Zipstall.  User may have to pay a deposit, activation fee, or other amount to parking lots.

  11. By accepting an offer the customer agrees to execute any additional documents required by the parking ownership or Zipstall.

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