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PARKING AT Bambo Ballroom


Zipstall is not only the ULTIMATE Parking Search Tool, but we also want to
help you SAVE MONEY on all of your adventures. We are proud to be
partnered with Bambo Ballroom to give you a better parking experience
and help you save money!

Here's how:


With our Validations program you save on parking at Bambo Ballroom. Simply use Zipstall to search for parking at Bambo Ballroom and we will show you which parking option they are partnered with and what the discount is

Bambo Ballroom parking you will receive

Cost reduced by $1.50
for parking at
Impark #136

STEP 1 - Download the Zipstall app, create an account, enter your license plate and payment card.

STEP 2 - Search for Bambo Ballroom in Zipstall and you will get a Validation card telling you where to park - click Zip Me Here.

STEP 3 - Head to Impark #136. At the lot, press Start Session in Zipstall app and select Impark #136 from the list.
Drive in - no barriers

STEP 4 - Bambo Ballroom will validate your parking inside. You will get Cost reduced by $1.50.



Through our Local Dollars program you can save on purchases at PARTNER. Simply collect Local Dollars by telling Zipstall the availability of stalls when you park and then we let you spin the wheel. The Local Dollars you win can be spent with our partners like PARTNER.

$2.00 off Quick Clean, $3.00 off Deep Clean & $4.00 off Ultra Deep Clean,

STEP 1 - Download the Zipstall app and create an account. Every time you park, tell us the availability and earn Local Dollars by spinning the wheel.

STEP 2 - Open Wallet & Menu - click Spend/View and we will show you how many LocalDollars you have available to spend in Edmonton.

STEP 3 - Head to Bambo Ballroom, verify you can still get undefined and then press Spend.

STEP 4 - Select the number of Local Dollars you`d like to redeem and scan the QR code that the staff will show you (not typically posted anywhere). If needed, ask Bambo Ballroom staff for help.

Bambo Ballroom

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