Parkers have
told us they...


Don’t care about parking,
they care about their destination!

(ex: Restaurant, Theatre, Office, etc.)

Don’t care who they park with!

(Ex: City, Impark, Precise, etc.)

Want to save money on

parking and on purchases!

Want to support more
local businesses!

Zipstall Response

simplicity &



Compares all
options in the
market head-to-head

Offering rewards &
 Local Dollars


Partnered with
local businesses


Whether you are late for a meeting or it is really cold outside you probably want "Closer" options.  If you just want to save money you can select "Cheaper" options.  Either way we save you from having to go shopping on a map to try and figure out the best parking option for you by doing a bunch of magic math and giving you the Zip Pick (best stall based on your priorities).  


Combining all market options with this revolutionary way to recommend parking makes Zipstall an industry leader in putting the customer first.

Solving the problem of the best parking was not enough for us though, we also wanted to do something to support the local entrepreneurs who have been impacted by tough times.


Our solution is to partner with these local businesses and offer people parking in Downtown an incentive (Local Dollars) to support these amazing risk-takers and skilled artisans.


HAPPY Customer Story


After installing the app, I simply put in the address of my next business meeting. It immediately showed all the parking options for the time I wanted to arrive and stay until. Then there was the ZipPick - it told me the cheaper parking. I didn't even know there are that cheap of parking!

Top that off I parked and then I was give $3.00 in Local Dollars. Which I used to buy my coffee at Lock stock for the meeting. What an app. I am so happy this has come to Edmonton. It will make your Downton experience so much easier and you will be helping out of beloved local businesses.

- Don Ivson



Business Story

1) The DBA and other area businesses convince the business to join the Zipstall program

2) The business has to do nothing while Zipstall sets them up with an account in the system

3) Zipstalldelivers both a package and email instructions to their business which includes everything they need to participate in the program (including ZipstallQR scan sheet, instructions, branding, etc.)

4) Business sets the products/services that they want to include in the program (more details on next page)

5) Customers see the Zipstallsign in the window and at the counter notifying them that this is a participating business

6) Customers use Zipstallwebsite (or any in-store signage that the business wants) to outline the items and maximum discounts available (in whole dollars only)

7) Customer picks their goods and services and uses the app to spend (say $2.00) using the QR sheet

8) Clerk punches the $2.00 credit into the POS system and customer pays the balance of the cost of the item

9) Business chalks up another sale and another happy customer

Get Zipstall today &
Get paid to park.
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