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The future of parking has arrived

Say goodbye to prepayments; pay only for the time you've used.

No more aimless driving in search of parking; all available parking options are in your pocket.

Your dedicated parking broker, ready to negotiate the perfect pass for your needs.

Support local businesses and enjoy exclusive discounts on both parking and purchases at our partners


Step 1

Copy code this code:


Step 2

Download the Zipstall App

and create an account

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Google Play.png
Step 3

Create an account in Zipstall and paste the copied code under Free Parking in the Wallet


Free Parking is a credit valued at $19.00 (daily max) at Capital Centre in the heart of Downtown.

The Ultimate Parking Solution: Zipstall Does It All!

I pay for a monthly pass and save about $15 a month to park at Downtown Edmonton 3 times per week.

Easy to use, payment options are easy to follow and you can set up monthly auto payment or just pay whenever you are ready to get a monthly pass.


Love that I can search parking by where I want to go. I no longer have to just drive around looking.

Being able to see everything nearby is awesome and having it end by being linked to my car's Bluetooth is amazing


I use Zipstall extensively especially for street meter parking as I don't have to try and guess how much time I'm going to need. I just start the app and go about my business for as long as I need!


Also great to get receipts electronically for filing expense claims - no more "arts and crafts" scanning of parking receipts.


Check out the pages below for additional info:


Start your adventures with Zipstall

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