mar 14 - Apr 15, 2021


We need your help to spread the word about Zipstall and the amazing local businesses that are partnering with us for our launch.​

What you get 

  • Entry into our draw for one of five (5) FREE PARKING FOR A YEAR! passes at either the Zebra Parkade (104 St & Jasper Ave.) or Capital Centre (109 St & Jasper Ave.)

  • First-class experiences hosted at our local business partners

  • Refer-a-Friend rewards by the boatload (boat not included)

  • Confidence in your parking decisions today and always

  • Warm, fuzzy feeling inside from supporting fellow Edmontonians who have taken a risk and are making Downtown better (i.e. our local partners and the Zipstall team)


What you need to do to be eligible

  • Use Zipstall and collect Local Dollars

  • Redeem Local Dollars at five or more of our partner businesses

  • Take a selfie at each of the local business partners and post it to social media (FB, Twitter and Instagram for each)

  • Tag both Zipstall and the partner business in each of the images

  • Recommend Zipstall to as many people as you can and have at least fifteen (15) people sign-up for new accounts using the link you sent them

Get Zipstall today &
Get paid to park.
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